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DAYTRIP proudly presents THE SCHOOL with support from SEPTEMBER GIRLS!
Saturday 23rd of March 2013 - The Menagerie, University Street, Belfast

TICKETS ARE £5 AND AVAILABLE FROM http://www.wegottickets.com/event/200161


The School are a pop band from Cardiff, Wales who started in 2007 and signed to the legendary Spanish label Elefant Records after playing only 4 shows! They channel the sound and spirit of classic Phil Spector and Brian Wilson but bring it BANG up to date with their affecting, relatable songs about falling in and out of love that could make you simultaneously dance and cry a million tears. Their debut album Loveless Unbeliever came out in 2010 and was produced by Ian Catt who is best known for working with Saint Etienne and various Sarah Records bands such as The Field Mice and Heavenly. The album plays like a sublime hit parade that doesn't let up and was an instant pop classic for the new decade. And then they of course, being the overachievers that they are, followed it up with the stellar Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything which along with the wonderful single Never Thought I'd See The Day, made many best-of-2012 lists.

This show marks The School's first visit to Belfast and is not one to be missed by fans of Camera Obscura, The Shangri-Las and anything lovely like that.


September Girls are a reverb-loving pop band from Dublin featuring ex-members of The Chalets and Talulah Does The Hula. They've just released a storming 7" for Matinée Recordings called Wanting More. Definitely one for fans of Black Tambourine, Shop Assistants and classic c86-era fuzzy pop.

Also, Tim Hall (Daytrip) will be playing the usual mix of indiepop, post-punk, '60s pop etc. before, between and after the bands.

The School and September Girls are also playing the night before (22/03) in Whelan's, Dublin!
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